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With Foodguide you can easy discover new dishes in your city!Italian, Greek or rather Thai today? Who doesn’t know the problem: You want to go out for dinner with friends or on a date but have no idea where to go. And now that you‘ve found a restaurant, the debate starts all over again: Do I order a pizza, risotto or better pasta? Those days are over. Here comes the Foodguide App.
What about hitting two birds with one stone? What if the search actually become fun rather than a hassle? This is where the Foodguide App comes into the game. It is the guide on your smartphone changing the way offinding restaurants, from a challenge to a playful pleasure. The principle: Based on a special algorithm Foodguide individually recommends dishes. If you like a dish swipe right - if not swipe left. To become a member of the foodie community you get the chance to upload own pictures and create a public food profil. Of course, you can also follow your friends and even other foodies like famous bloggers, celebs or influencers.
Foodguide is the first network and platform for foodies. By exploring new food spots in your hometown or as a tourist in another city there is always a local foodie in your pocket to guide you. We are mobile first standing out with great pictures generated by the community itself. There is no way to be more authentic then dealing with user generated content. With the Foodguide app you can upload, comment and review dishes, follow friends and famous personalities or just explore new food spots in town.
Foodguide - discover new restaurants in your city